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Last week I watched all the Suits episodes, this week I fell into it's fandom.


Pizza And A Movie
by Closer which is an lovely and long AU in which Harvey is still a lawyer and Mike is the pizza guy. Step by step they fall in love. On their way there are movie citations, a sweet friendship, oblivious boys and touching! AND THE WRITING!! I clearly could hear the characters' voices just as they are. So much fun!

Then there's Of Mikes and Men by an anonymous. It's still a WIP but a fantastic fun read with slightly OOCs. The plot starts with a virginal Mike, the helpful friends Donna and Rachel, and a Harvey who's got all the popcorn. The conclusion is obvious.

mike mike2 mike3

The Unraveling of Harvey Specter, Attorney at Law by [ profile] laughter_now: A super hot & insightful PWP with Harvey at the bottom who's slightly wrong about their relationship status. I intend to stalk this author ;)

I stalk the Suits kink meme as well! Oh god, the long nights of reading in a new fandom!

Another fic with a similar storyline, but in another fandom is Amo, Amas, Amat by [ profile] chibirhm, The Eagle, Esca/Marcus, established relationship, some years after the movie. Some thoughts on love.

Another AU I am slightly obsessed with these last days is [ profile] awarringtonStraight As An Arc, again The Eagle, currently at Part 6, but the author said it's already complete and the last parts will be posted soon. This is my happy place for now and as you can see it follows the same tropes as the mentioned Pizza And A Movie: AU, straight (?) men, falling obliviously in love. AND SO MANY CUDDLES and smiles when they finally can see each other again!!

But back to Inception:
As we all need a vacation and some love [ profile] wldnst gave us Life among Islands whereas Arthur and Ariadne get both in the end. It's Arthur/Eames and Ariadne/Yusuf, an AU, really long and should be savoured with a glass of wine. The writing is brilliant, the subtle humour made me laugh out a lot while reading in the uni library and there are so many wise and insightful words and phrases. Five stars for this!


[Bad username or site: recrudescence  @]posted Tripwire for Team Romance over at the ae-match, inspired by a kink-meme prompt like this: They finally get to bed together and Eames expects a cold, sarcastic, demanding, fidgety partner. It turns out that Arthur is not only responsive, but warm affectionate, and maybe a little shy but totally going to look Eames in the eyes for the whole time. Surprise, Arthur doesn't want to get fucked, he wants to make love. And he insists on cuddling afterwards. - I love awkward sex scenes! 

[ profile] 78revolutions' Panicked is currently at part 15, but it seems like it will be finished soo. It's an in-verse take on the aftermath of rape and how to cope the trauma. Lots of angst and hurt, but NO healing cock or the like

A fic which was posted back in June but never left my mind is One in Ten by [ profile] pageslave which is summarised with: Silly rom-com AU. It's been a year since Dom broke up, and Arthur is still single. He finally decides it's time to get on with life, and sets himself a mission of going on ten dates, which range from the innocuos to the truly effing horrible. Meanwhile there's a bartender at he new joint down the street whom Arthur just can't seem to get out of his mind.
I LOVE the slightly melancholic atmosphere, the characteristics, the words, the ache.

And finally: toomuchplor wrote a Joe/Tom RPF Unkissed with super hot sex and ALL THE FEELINGS!


Date: 21 September 2011 19:38 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're my only source for Arthur/Eames recs anymore, so thank you for these! I can't wait to read Life Among Islands. And I will gingerly give recrudescence's a try since it's written for Team Romance (she's such a good writer she can take me apart if I'm not careful).

Can I ask you about One in Ten? Is the Arthur/Dom in the past, or does part of the fic deal with it? I am insanely OTPish about Arthur/Eames so find it upsetting to read about either of them in another relationship.

Date: 21 September 2011 19:56 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
(she's such a good writer she can take me apart if I'm not careful)
So I guess I should be more careful in adding warnings for when I rec more angsty stuff? Because I like to read that as well. But I think this time should be alright..

As far as I remember and by what I read when I skimmed it once again, the Arthur/Cobb should be completely in the past and only mentioned as such and how it feels to be single again or right after breakup in general

Date: 22 September 2011 03:16 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't think it's incumbent upon you to warn for angst; hopefully the author has done it adequately. I read in a pretty limited range, though; I can't really cope with too much angst, and even minimal angst needs to end with a happy resolution. I also, as I said, need the pairing to remain the pairing. But that's just me, and I will ask reccers or even the author if I'm not sure it's something that's in my comfort range.

In short, not your problem as a reccer, but it's nice for me to know that I can ask if I need to. :)

Date: 4 January 2012 18:46 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mementis
There were two A/E fics here that I hadn't seen before. Thank you!! :) Bookmarked.


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